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Joining Gypsymama today for a five minute un-edited freewrite on the topic of her choice:

On Friends...

Twenty years ago I went off to a college where I only knew one other person from my high school would be there.  We were placed in different dorms, thus different social circles and rarely saw each other.

Thank goodness that on that first day of orientation, my mother recognized a former classmate of hers across that sea of frightened freshmen faces and their parents.  Thanks to that moment of recognition, I was introduced to Jenn, a stunning brunette with dark chocolate brown eyes and a welcoming smile.  

She lived in the same dorm up on the third floor.  Many all-nighters were spent together while sipping Mountain Dew and sort of studying.  By our senior year we were off-campus roommates racing together to Shakespeare class where it was my job to keep her awake. 

Our long-distance friendship began that winter when she left for a semester of study in France.  Across the lines of this new thing called the Internet, we were able to stay connected.  Then she moved away for work and we have never lived in the same state since.

Sometimes I marvel at how it is that despite nearly 15 years of separation, we have remained bffs.  Then I realize, she taught me how to be a friend.  She never let go of my hand.  No matter how inconvenient, she made the road trip to see me, (even at seven months pregnant on a 19 hour Amtrak train to Chicago!).  When I got lazy, she persisted, when I had my first baby, she flew in to hold him to her own loving heart, when I returned to my hometown for Christmas, she drove through blizzards to stop by for a few hours before having to make the return trip home.  She showed me that friendship takes work, time and commitment.  

And committed to her I am.  

My friend made me a better friend.

Jenn, I've got you by the hand, and I will never let it go.  H2U!


  1. What a beautiful testimony of true friendship! She is a reflection of God's love for us. :) Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama. Many blessings!

  2. Oh, my dear friend. How could I be the one to show you what true friendship is - when you are the one that I am mirroring? As I was reading this, I felt like it was a conversation between you and I...and then I saw that you have had 16,000+ visitors! I am honored, truly honored to be your BFF, and I know God had His hand in your mom and my dad recognizing each other that day, to bring our kindred spirits together. I love you, and I am so proud of what you have done with this blog. It is amazing to see that you now have many, many new friends through sharing your beautiful thoughts with the world! H2U!!! xoxoxx Jenn

  3. What a very sweet tribute to your best friend! This made me smile as I was reading.
    Came over from FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Good friends. They are such a treasure, aren't they? This is beautifully written (and that's a lovely picture of you!).


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