Pretty,Happy, Funny, Real {Signs of Fall}

Look at this peachy-pink September sunrise!  What a breathtaking way to begin my day.  Thank you God!
The holiday Coffee-mate creamers are slowly appearing in stores and therefore, in my morning (and afternoon) coffee. Yum!  Gets me thinking ahead to a the chilly, cozy evenings ahead. 

Halloween costumes have already been purchased and now begins the please wait 'til Halloween to wear them battle.  This year all three boys will be characters from Super Mario.  This is KC as Toad, wearing the mushroom hat.

Fall brings lots of rainy days and soccer games.  Unfortunately, it also brings rainy soccer games!

Grama Bebby is here!  My mother has arrived from far away and will be staying and playing with us for the next month.  She is a former music teacher which comes in handy when the boys need help with recorder practice.  Thank you Mom!  We are so blessed to have you here with us. xo

round button chicken


  1. I love the Halloween costumes! They're too much fun to wait ;-)
    Have fun with your Mom's visit!

  2. Yay for Grama's who visit from far away! Yay for awesome Halloween costumes!! Love the pictures! Happy Thursday!

  3. The hats are fun! And having your mom for a whole month-Hooray! The creamer looks delicious, perfect for fall.

  4. How nice that your mother is visiting - music around the house is always good.


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