Creating My Personal Space

It rained all weekend.  A beautiful, gentle rain that seemed to wash away the last remnant of summer heat.  We broke out the boys' long pants, my slippers, and lots of fall-scented candles to glimmer in the dim daylight.

Along with the rain came the first round of back to school sniffles and sore throats.  The weather was great timing, cancelling soccer practice and allowing us to slow down and stay inside where rest could be found.  

There is a windowed corner of my bedroom that looks out over the backyard and the tall craggy trees that separate us from our neighbors.  With everyone inside all day, I found myself in need of a quieter space where I could plan the week's meals, errands, and general schedule.  I thought of that empty corner and how I had often longed to sit there and enjoy its view.

Inspired, I dug out the old card table, brought up a dining table chair that will not be missed, grabbed an old, unused desk lamp and created my personal space.   With the rain falling away from the windows, I was able to open them up and let chilly breezes blow over me, ruffling the papers at my desk but lifting my spirits immensely.  

With such peace and quiet I was able to get more thinking done in one hour than I can accomplish in three hours in the midst of family life downstairs.  When my plans were done, I brought in a few treasured books and journals and had another hour of quiet reflection and reading.  I told my husband that I think my mini-retreat upstairs had been more productive to my organizing and spiritual refueling than any mom's day 0ut had ever been.

I believe I have found a new haven ~ a quiet place to call my own ~ one mom's calming corner of a cozy home.

Do you have a personal space to call your own?


  1. Makes me long for my own quiet space in a corner of the bedroom we are redecorating now.
    Thank you!:-)

  2. Yayyy for quiet spaces! Sometimes I will sit in the mudroom off the kitchen on the bench by the window which allows me to watch the birds at the feeder. It is far enough away from the *noise* of the house and I can even shut the door. I wish it was wide enough to fit a small desk but I will be thankful for what it is! ~Theresa


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