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At the end of Spring I planted several herbs: oregano, mint, chives, basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme.  This is my lemon thyme plant.  I have loved having them to snip and use in my cooking. They are so easy to grow and give color and scent to the deck.  Often my boys will run their fingers up the rosemary as they walk by, carrying the piney fragrance with them on their way. 

This tiny toad made several boys quite happy recently.  They wanted to bring him into the house and keep him as a pet!  I assured them he would have a much happier life living in the great outdoors.  :)

Little KC wanted to ride his scooter so I asked him to please go put on his helmet first.  This is the helmet he chose!  I guess he is a knight on a shiny scooter.

Why is this the book he wants to read before falling asleep?

A bit too real!  This is me at the dreaded gym. I really do not enjoy exercise.  At. All.  I have always been this way(unfortunately).  But, I am trying to change that by actually going to the gym regularly and building up some endurance.  It has been more fun lately since I got an iPhone and can listen to all my favorite podcasts while I run   walk on the treadmill.  I am firmly believing in the idea that emotions follow action, not the other way around.

round button chicken


  1. Good luck with your endurance building! I don't hate exercise but there is just so much I would rather be doing ;-) so I'm in a similar spot.

  2. Your funny pictures made me chuckle! A knight's helmet! And a shark book for bedtime! Too funny! =)

  3. Have you tried the Runkeeper app? That keeps me super motivated with working out. If you use a treadmill, you can input your stats when you are finished. It's great to go back after a few workouts and look at how much you've done! I also like to play games on my phone while I walk- it makes the time fly by.

  4. Love the knight helmet for scooter riding! My son would do the same. And good for you for exercising---just getting to the gym is half the battle!

  5. Very cute pictures - all of them!

  6. Frogs and thyme-they totally make me happy, too!

  7. "Emotions follow action, not the other way around." Love that! Thx for the inspiration. ;-)


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