June Swoon Daybook

A photo thought... 

Outside my window...
 Finally a good, steady, warm rain.  My plants all need the drink.  ZJ looked outside and said, "I just love cozy, rainy days!"  So do I and it feels like we are due for this one.
*Note: As I finish this post the rain has stopped and the sun is coming out again. 

I am wearing... 
Black capri pants and a lavender tee-shirt.  Hair is still wet from the shower and no make-up on yet.  

I am thinking...
I'll leave the make-up off all day!

I am hearing...
Since the rain stopped I am hearing the door alarm beeping every time the boys run in and out of the garage.  (I can see them scootering on the sidewalk from where I sit at the computer.)

I am thankful for...
My wonderful husband.  We had such a fun family weekend with the kids and I am eternally grateful to be sharing this life with him!

Around the house...
Because of said wonderful weekend I have five loads of now-wrinkled clothes to fold!  Oh well. Also, today we will be doing Quiet Stations again with a few alterations: 

Call your grandparents,
Clay molding,
Outdoor sketching.  

I am praying for...
All  the people affected by the flooding in my home state of North Dakota.    

I am reading...
Several books at once.  I plan a future post about this but on the top of the stack is The House By The Sea by May Sarton.  It is her journal of a year of living on the coast of Maine and because she is a poet, her prose is quite beautiful.

I am creating...
Jam, jam and more jam!
This magazine and my best friend started it all.  Having never canned before, I was amazed to hear her tell me how she had canned all day while her two little ones played around the house. Then I found and read this magazine and realized I could make jam with only a few simple ingredients.

So far I have made strawberry and strawberry peach.  It has been so fun I have blueberry and strawberry rhubarb planned for this week.  You can find my detailed recipe for strawberry peach jam here. 

God is leading me...
into the quiet

In the kitchen...
Monday : Leftover Tomato Rice Soup
Tuesday:  Grilled Pork Tenderloin 
Wednesday: Pork Tacos al Pastor 
Thursday: Basil and Butter Grilled Shrimp on garlic rice
Friday:  Grilled Burgers
Saturday: OUT (Happy 4th!!)
Sunday: OUT 

In the garden...

My peach-colored lilies are blooming.  One of the few non-pink flowers in my whole yard.  I plan to add some hostas this week and some yellow and rust mums for fall as soon as they come out.  Yes, I did just say fall.  I can't help it.  I always look forward to fall!

One of my favorite things... 
My new iPhone.  I have never had one before but I was needing a new phone and my husband got one through his work so I got one too!  We love the visual chat and my boys have been on my phone more than I have playing turtle fly and angry birds.  Now I need some good Catholic and Mom apps.  Any suggestions?  Please leave me a comment! 

I am participating with The Simple Woman's Daybook : June Edition. 




  1. Nice way to start the week! Thank you:)

  2. Lovely, lovely daybook! That jam looks so wonderfully delicious. I believe that the Divine Mercy app is free, along with the iBreviary app which is the complete Roman Missal http://www.ibreviary.com/new/index_en.html. I love the Magnificat, and believe that they have an app. (Maybe I'll send you an email as well..) :) Happy Summer, my friend.

  3. Oh my, Angry Birds! This is Aidan and Josh's new favorite game to play! Tim even got sucked in over the weekend =) Sounds like you guys are enjoying your summer!

  4. I love the Shopping List app, Runkeeper and Awesome Note. As for Catholic apps, I use iMissal, The Catholic Directory (to find Mass times) and the St. Josemaria app. They are all fantastic!

  5. Hey! Great blog :) My husband is from North Dakota (Bismarck) His aunt and uncle live in Garrison~too close to flooding :(

  6. Hi! Apps I like: pandora, tip calculator, dragon (dictation program), webmd, betty crocker cookbook-fabulous when you're at the store thinking of something to make, accuweather, repairpal, heytell (turns the phones into walkie talkies), myLite, SalePrice. I hope all's well! Your blog is great!

  7. What a great post! I love the centers you set up for your kids and the delicious menu you've prepared. And those flowers--beautiful!

  8. Love the iphone as well! Angry birds can keep all 4 of mine quiet for a time. :)

    I have the rosary app. and am able to do the rosary in the car. It has beautiful pictures if you're like me and struggle to stay focused sometimes. I also like the bible app.



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