Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {outdoors}

PRETTY ~ Flowers are blooming all over the place.  I love the color of this rosebud.

HAPPY~ We got a pass to the local water park and the boys and I love it. 

FUNNY~ After all the fun in the water there comes the "I'm all done" moment.

REAL~ My husband's nightmare =  slip-n-slide aftermath.

round button chicken
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  1. The water park looks great :) And your flowers are beautiful!

  2. I do love the color of that rose...and I am familiar with the "I'm all done" face. My husband sympathizes with yours. ;)

  3. This makes me chuckle. Great pictures!

  4. Ah, yes, the grass... we have to watch out for that with the little pool. We move it around to try to give each spot a chance. Of course, our grass is a little patchy anyway!

    I love roses!

  5. Oh, the poor grass! :D Love the waterpark shot!
    Stopping over via PHFR!

  6. LOVE the grass, Misty! This is the exact reason Tim makes me put our pool on the deck =) Thank goodness grass grows so easy! Thanks for the laugh!!

  7. Oh, my boys would so love that Cars beach towel, and a slip-and-slide. Unfortunately we don't have quite enough yard for that. Your yard is lovely regardless of the aftermath. =)

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  9. I'm so happy to have a new follower! I would love some of that sunshine I see in your pictures :)


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