Saturday Surfing

Here are some recent posts I wanted to share with you for Saturday Surfing!

1. Testosterhome  Practical Magic  ~ This post made me laugh out loud since I am already feeling the need for a summertime "schedule" with my boys.

2. la bella vita Spring Salad with Strawberries and Balsamic Vinaigrette  ~ So delicious looking and sounding it made me hungry for salad.

3.  A Minute Captured Book Review::  Fully Engaged, How to Do Less and Be More ~ Multi-tasking is just another way of saying "not paying attention"!  Love it!

4.  The Chuppies Intentional Summer ~ Another post about summer scheduling and unscheduling too.  Chock full of good links and thought-provoking questions.

5.  Please don't forget to vote for Misty's Mornings today!  You can vote once a day for each of your favorite faith blogs through June 8th at Circle of Moms.  Thank you!


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