June is busy unfurling: wings, petals, leaves slowly open to the warming summer sunshine.  My boys and I are also unfurling into summer: beach towels flying open in the breeze, toes spreading into damp sand, exhausted children loose-limbed in deep afternoon snoozes on the sofa.  

For now, the plans, the activities and playdates are on hold.  We are simply taking time to unfold from our school-days mindset and relax into the ambiguous days of summer.

three boys huddled around a Beyblade stadium
mandevilla in bloom by the garage
the beauty of the Catholic funeral mass for a two year old boy
time to stare at the clouds
pouring down rain
my son saying he loves cozy days inside
puzzle making with a three year old
molding clay blobs in red, yellow and blue dotting the island
my first freshly made peach pie
root beer floats for my sons
family bike rides at dusk
surf boards poking out of pick-ups and jeeps
beach reads
curly hair crazy with humidity

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  1. Sigh...I need to be more relaxed about our lack of schedule. It is currently by accident, but I think I need to change my attitude to have it be on purpose- plan to not have a plan!
    And I am so, so, so jealous that you have a beach close by!

  2. I have an unfurling fern on my post today too! So beautiful. Such a gift... the beauty of a Catholic funeral for a precious little boy. My heart goes out to his family. A fresh peach pie sounds so yummy! My curly hair gets crazy with the humidity. lol I did find a product that seems to help me a lot... ouidad. First thing to even begin to tame it in humidity! :)

  3. May your summer unfurl to reveal countless more blessings from a Loving Father.

  4. Love the closeup photos...makes me long for a macro lens! Learning to be content with what I have...that is my summer unfurling!

  5. This is beautiful! During the humid times I live in a baseball hat! :) your hair seems to curl up better. Peach pie sounds heavenly!

  6. Coming back to say thanks for the photo tip...will play w/that this afternoon...and that I've scrolled down your blog and you've inspired me even more w/your photos!


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