Lightning in a Bottle

I didn't grow up with fireflies.  These beetle-like creatures are new to me but have quickly become a highlight of summer evenings.  

When we got home from soccer placement tryouts last week, dusk had fallen and the twinkles were just beginning along the row of trees behind the house.

"Mom - can we catch some?" Three wide-eyed boys pleaded knowing it was already past their bedtime.  Unable to find a glass jar we improvised with a Glad plastic container. Each time I opened the lid the bugs lit up as if in self defense.  The boys caught them faster than I could contain them.     

Trying to photograph fireflies while lighting up and not allowing them to escape proved a bit too complicated for me but I tried anyway.  

Sitting silent on the front step, we watched them illuminate the twilight, then dim, until we set the magic free to brighten someone else's summer night. 

thunderstorms at bedtime
hydrangeas everywhere
swimming in the neighbor's pool
Popsicle drips and blue tongues
scooter rides 
scraped knees
water guns
the church ablaze in red
cold fronts blowing in
postcards in the mail
telephone time with best friend
potty trained toddler
hello hugs and goodbye kisses
piles of unread books

Joining Ann and others in counting graces


  1. Love the photos! I think you captured these neat little twinklers wonderfully! Love hearing rain at bedtime. Loved seeing church ablaze in red too! I also had phone time with a good friend this week. Great list! :)

  2. I love your photos, and your list of gifts... so touching. Bless you!

  3. My kids love to catch fireflies. They don't have any here in England and my kids miss them:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  4. Awesome photos and list...aren't fireflies the best? ;) And yes, the church ablaze in red.


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