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A Note To The Duchess

Dear Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York,

I watched your show the other night on Oprah's new network.   Normally, I avoid Oprah's show altogether but the kids were asleep and I was drawn in by your beautiful blue eyes with their deeply lost look.  What a sad hour I spent listening to Dr. Phil and Suze Orman try to give you the reason for your self worth.  They kept telling you that you should love yourself, like what you see in the mirror, and not care what other people think about you.

And you, Sarah, may I call you Sarah?, you kept pushing back, resisting all that they were telling you.  You kept asking this ultimate question, "How do you get self worth?  How?"
Dr. Phil said you just have to believe that you have every right to be here on Earth, just as you are, and then he paused, a long drawn out pause.  I sat up a little straighter, leaned into the moment, waited with bated breath for Dr. Phil to lay it on you... but he didn't.  He sort of left you hanging.

Here is what I wish the Doctor had said:
You, Sarah, are a child of God, created in his image, loved beyond measure, and worthy of dignity and self-worth simply because He placed you in this time and in this place. No one on this Earth can give you what you seek.  

You have a God-sized-hole and only He can fill it.  

Remember the tough guys you chatted with outside the hotel?  You randomly asked where they were going and they said "To Church."  Surprised, you asked them if they go often.  They did.  Then you asked them if it was helping them.  They said yes.  A lot.  I believe that was a huge hint Sarah.  Did you notice?  That's the amazing way God works in our lives, through other people. Quietly, gently, slowly.  We just need to listen.

While I will not be watching your show anymore, I want you to know that I will be praying for you.  I hope that more people you meet along your path suggest that since you have obviously tried everything else, why not give God a chance to heal your broken heart?  He is healing mine, too, everyday.


  1. So true about that God shaped hole. We try to fill it with so many counterfeit gods until we're left like Sarah, unsure why we're even here. Great post!

  2. Beautiful letter. I hope that she reads it and prays and seeks and finds!!!!!!! <3

  3. I love this open letter not only to the Duchess, but to every Western modern woman (and man?) to see past the dribble of self-worth. This is a gracious invitation to find our worth in Christ.

  4. I caught a part of that show this past weekend. I couldn't watch more than about five minutes of it. I just thought it was too sad. You are right, what is missing in her life is God and the knowledge that she is loved unconditionally.

  5. I saw the first episode and was so sad for her. This letter is just beautiful. I too was wishing someone would have said something like this. You are right... we just need to listen. He does work in our lives in amazing ways!

  6. So, *so* loved this!! I didn't see the show but loved what you had to say to her. Sarah has always held a special place in my heart and I didn't realize she was suffering. I, too, shall be praying for her...

  7. Wouldn't it be fun to pull a "What Not To Wear" event on her and take her under our wings and tell her just those things? Could we, with the help of the Holy Spirit, convince her? It would be so worthwhile to find out. People like that (I was once one) have to work so hard to find that peace in their hearts. It's there, but buried under such mounds of self-loathing.

  8. I watched the show, too - and you just said exactly what I wanted to tell her. I didn't see the part about the guys going to church but I did wonder why she did not meet with someone like Joyce Meyers - now wouldn't that have been awesome. The one thing that surprised me was she told Dr. Phil she would be fighting him all the way, trying to fail. A firm believer in "What you speak is what you get" - I thought someone needed to teach her the power of God's Promises Speaking.

  9. LOVE THIS!!!!



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