Pretty Happy Funny Real {peaches}

Pretty ~ as a peach!  The peaches are so fragrant and beautiful right now that I had to make strawberry peach jam.  I have never done any preserving before and now I am addicted!   

Happy ~ My oldest son is so kind to his baby brother (KC) and when he wanted to hold hands with RW I couldn't resist capturing the moment.

Funny ~ We have been having fun exploring new parks around town.  We had this place all to ourselves on this beautiful day.

Real ~ As I mentioned, I am loving making jam these days but the reality is that it is a big project and requires a lot of clean up afterward.  Totally worth it!

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  1. I love making jam but haven't done it in years. Strawberry peach sounds delicious. Jam making is quite a process but I love to see all of those beautiful jars lined up after it's done. Will you be posting more about this on your baking blog? I'd love to see the recipe and some more pictures. :) Great photos!

  2. I love the shot of your boys in the van. My oldest boy has become surprisingly patient and generous with his 3 younger brothers. I never thought I would see that, as he was quite different a mere two years ago!

  3. HI, Peaches were my main theme too for this PFHR post.

    Love the park,slide pic. I should take my kiddos to the park today. I think I will.


  4. LOVE your photography!

    The holding hands shot reminded me too of a time in our lives. My 2nd son had really curly hair (just buzzed and I am missing it)and he would sit next to the babies. When they would fuss he would offer them "a bag of curls" putting his head sacrificially in their laps. It would distract and entertain the babies to grab on to his luscious curls!

    Thanks for the memories and fo sharing your talented eye and loving family.

  5. Hi-visiting from rosarymom. You have a great blog-so glad to have stopped by. Love the pictures!!!

    Please visit me.



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