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My boys have been out of school for a solid month now and some of the fun has already run out of summer.  They only last 20 minutes on the Slip-n-Slide, they've had enough of the heat and even watching a TV show is not enticing.  

While I love seeing what happens when their boredom becomes imagination and creative play, sometimes we all need a little inspiration.

Previously I shared my list of QUIET activities and elaborated here on how to do Quiet Stations.  These lists today are helpful when the kids need to release their energy in a productive way (rather than sword-fighting and pillow-fighting all through the house). Most often it only takes ten minutes of directed play with Mom to spark a whole new set of their own ideas.

1.  Play Simon Says, Charades, Going on a Bear Hunt, or Telephone.  
2.  Play Hide and Seek or Red Light, Green Light in the house.
3.  Play Musical Chairs around the kitchen table.
4.  Play Balloon Volley.  Blow up a balloon and treat it like a slow game of Hot Potato.
5.  Have a car race.  Set up a start and a finish line in a long carpet free area and race small cars.
6.  Interpretive Dance Party.  Play various types of music and have them dance accordingly.  When the music stops everyone must freeze into position.

1. Use sidewalk chalk to make a Hopscotch or Foursquare grid.
2.  Have an old-fashioned Bike "car wash".  Bring out the sponges and soap and give the family bikes a good cleaning.
3.  Create a backyard water park.  Fill up the kiddie pool, slip-n-slide and a sprinkler.  Hold the hose while the kids run around and try not to get hit by the water.  
4.  Play  Sock Toss.  Put a small heavy ball into the toe of a long sock.  Everyone gets turns trying to toss it the farthest.    Make one for each person and play ring toss.
5.  Running Races.  We have our kids run around the house and they love being timed. 
6.  Create a bicycle obstacle course in the driveway.  Place cones or small objects and instruct the kids to try to ride around them.
7.  Paint with mud.  Gather a painter's paintbrush and a bucket of water mixed with soil to form a runny paste.  Paint the sidewalk or driveway and let the rain clean up the mess later! 

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  1. Hi Misty-
    Love this post!!!! I have 4 kids and 2 younger ones are boys and I'm amazed at the energy level! We often go to the pool b/c it seems as a win win but I can so relate to the boredom. I love your list!!!!
    Enjoy your day!


  2. Thanks Momof4! Yesterday they wore themselves out so much they were all napping at 3pm until 5pm. Too bad they were up until 10 pm!!!

  3. This is a great list! I have 4 children and they sometimes say the "b" word during the hot summer months! I plan on printing this list out as a reference when boredom sets in! :) Thanks for linking up to NOBH!

  4. Love this! From my own experience I was rarely bored as a child. I just had so much energy that I needed a few ideas to get me started using it all up. :-) This list is a great start!

    God bless you!

  5. Great ideas--I'm going to link this to my Facebook page, as it is associated with my Not So Fast book. I advocate letting kids feel a little bored and making creative options available, steering them in that direction through the power of suggestion, or even a list posted on the fridge for older kids to reference! What a great summer your kids are having! :)


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